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A friend of mine told me today about fellow riders wanting install Nitrous Oxide on Magna/Sabres. I own a '86 V-65 and I have done quite a few mods to it and still maintained the integrity of the bike. I am going to post a picture of it in this site (if I am allowed). I can tell you from experience that if carefully planned, a V-65 can easily one of the most brutal machines out there and I have more or less invented a way to introduce Nitrous to it with out the problems associated with Nitrous.

One of the obstacles you MUST overcome is your Bike HAS to be ready to handle it. A strong upper and lower end of the engine. Then you must know the limits of it too. Early in the development of these V-4's, Honda had some problems with them and to this day, you rarely, if ever see them on the strip in circuits. But, that doesn't mean that the V-4 doesn't have potential.

I work with motorcycles as I own a restoration shop and do it as a hobby. With my V-65, I have increased the bore and offset of the crankshaft, went to different pistons, custom cams, and other modifications. Keep in mind, that you have to have a plan and know the specs of the V-4. After that and few weeks of assembly, I was ready to test it on the dyno. The results? Still climbing on the dyno, it was getting 162 h.p. and 144 ft. lb of torque. This was before I went to tricking the gap. I consistently reached 185-190 h.p. with this engine (I have the charts).

I came up with a way to introduce Nitrous to the engine and still maintain the stealth you are looking for with the exception of the bottle on the right side. With the nitrous, I inject it by pulses, 3-5 cc's per second. The net output? An easy and safe 230 to 250 H.P. I don't recommend doing this all the time because of the bike's propensity to flip and trust me, with that kind of power coming down on that pavement with that much torque...you must hold it down!! I own a V-Max and a 1100F and they don't have a chance. When I ride here where I live, it is respected. The lumpy cams brings them to attention and then when you take off kinda brisk, an experienced rider will know.

I still have the stock pipes and I run 93 octane and to avoid detonation, the compression is evened out to 10:1. It looks stock. If you would like to see pics of it and talk further on what I did, email me. Let me warn you good heartedly, get the stickiest tire you can afford!! It will roast it.

I am not a strip-racer but I can tell you,