by Dave Dodge

Eric Sterbenz wrote:

>Found a K&N that is almost a perfect fit for the big Sabre. Just a little trimming around the gasket. K&N 33-2034.
>However I started out with the wrong tool for trimming and hacked one side up a little more than I wanted. With that done, I >got a better fit putting it in upside down with the original lower metal support. I was wondering if it makes any difference with >these filters which way is sits in there?


Dave :

Direction should not matter. I would check with Doug H. in Denver in regards to how he installed one. He claims it works well on his Sabre in higher altitudes, however, I have not seen a dyno sheet to verify if it makes any more power. Typically, an automotive K&N filter is more restrictive than one designed for a motorcycle.

As for tuning, the bikes are lean to start with. We usually shim the carb needles and install one size bigger mains (front and rear are different) on front and rear to correct the lean condition. This is very important, you must be certain that the carbs are functionally clean. Many odd running characteristics are traced directly to clogged passages in the carbs, and trying to patch these conditions by changing jets is only compunding the problem.

Just to give you some insight, I have rebuilt 38 sets of carbs since January for customers and not one set was clean enough to be called functionally clean until I rebuilt them.

As for jetting and jet kits, these specs vary slightly on nearly every bike and model. Some bikes like Dynojet kits, others like only minor changes. Also changing the intake flow changes the specs. The guys that are having the best luck are the ones that take their bikes to a dyno before and after to verify the results of the change. Using the butt dyno does not tell you anything, nor does hearing more noticeable intake noise. In my experience the only advantage to using a K&N on a Sabre is that it is cleanable.

But expense really is not a problem on the Sabre as the replacement foam is only $10.00 and lasts a good couple of years. Stay away from the Uni brand foam, it does not last and will crumble into your intake system over time.

I have also been receiving many offlist e-mails regarding jet specs for use without airbox lids, and even a couple of people who want to use pod filters. It is all possible but there is no set specs. On the drag bikes we even run without any airbox at all, and it works great with a jet kit.
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