Engine Rebuilds (Stage 1)
Dave Dodge - DRP
Sat Jan 6 12:05:31 2001

If the bike you have is in good cosmetic condition there is nothing wrong with rebuilding your motor to repair the trans.

I offer a complete Stage 1 engine rebuild and blueprint which includes my transmission undercut, all new bearings, gasket and seals, oil mod, competition valve job, updated cam chain tensioners, completely blueprinted and assembled for around $2000.00 for parts and labor. This rebuild gives you a motor that is rebuilt to specs better than it was when new and you are assured that the engine is right.

If you buy another used bike, there is still a strong chance that it will have bad cams, a ready to blow trans, or something else major. If your current bike is rough in the cosmetic dept., then perhaps a rebuild is not economical. I do motors all day, everyday and trust me when I say that if one is for sale there is usually a reason.