V65 aftermarket parts

Posted by Dave Dodge - DRP on November 16, 1999 at 21:39:23:

: where in Canada or in the United States can I find good aftermarket engine parts?

My company is Dodge Racing Products (DRP) and we are located in the U.S. Our specialty is Honda V-4 (only) engine parts including OEM, reworked OEM, and aftermarket performance parts. We offer cams, valve springs, titanium retainers, forged pistons, high-performance rods, crank prep and balancing, head porting, gearbox undercutting, clutch kits, oil mods, etc. We also offer complete engine building in stages from mild to wild. Depending on how much you need that 3500. cdn. you mentioned in the previous post might be about right for one of my Stage 1 blueprinted engines with new cams and rods, but at least you will have an increase in power to show for it.