V65 Sabre 1/4 mile times
Posted by Dave Dodge - DRP on November 23, 1999
In Reply to Dave on November 23, 1999

Had my V65 Sabre at the drag strip this summer, after alot of time trial runs and setting the rear shock to 50 psi and the metzler to 18 psi .We put 98 octane fuel and fresh set of plugs in it.
With a combined weight of 741 pds we managed the best ET of 11.18 at 122 mph and averaged between 11.28 to 11.37 at 119 to 121 mph with a RT time of .490 to .560 seconds.
This was before I found the bike had a set of RC engineering cams in it.
Has any body else had a chance to run a stock Sabre and get some accurate times?

Dave :
With a combined weight of 741 lbs. that is very respectable. 
If you need to know anything about those cams, 
I was the one who designed and tested them while employed by RC Engr. 1980-87.

The RC965 grind is now my DRP Stage 2 grind which are still available. 
I might add that the RC Magna test bike with that cam grind, a header,
 RC clutch, and K&N filter would run high 10.70's all day.