Very hard to start cold..

Jp.haun wrote:
>Buddy of mine in Memphis (Don Hall -- (901) 357-6777) has a V65 Magna that has spent the last five weeks in and out of >local Honda dealer with them trying to get his choke to function properly. Bike very hard to start cold, but runs fine once >warmed up.
>They SAY they've been *completely through* his carbs twice, are trying to charge him $400, which includes replacing his >choke cable (which they broke trying to get all four of his little choke-actuator-plungers moving only one was moving when >he first took it to them). The bike is still very hard to start cold, especially if it sits undriven for a week. His gas is fresh, etc.

Dave :
Up in the top of the carbs there is a tiny brass tube. This tube is surrounded by the diaphragm and covered by the chrome top. This passage can easily have blockage, because the hole through it is only .035" in diameter. If blocked, the slides won't lift with the chock on, so the engine won't high idle while on chock. When I do carb rebuilds, I ream out this passage, and make sure the two fixed jets under the diaphragm are clear. This is often overlooked, and carb cleaner won't clear them. They need to be reamed with a tiny jet ream drill.

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