Posted by MikeB on November 04, 1999 at 15:30:53:

: You can go with the stock jets and you don't have to rejet at all. It will probably work fine since the CV carbs are adjusting them selfs to a certain degree.
: As long as you're using the stock stuff you're only able to jet up the mains since the nedles are fixed. And then you'll only enrich the top end and that's the wrong way to go. You probably just make the motor to run poorer since the motor is supposed to lean out at the top end to run well.
: If you realy like to rejet, get a Dynojet kit. It's a totaly rejeting kit that deffentily will give you much better trottle responce and maybe even some more power. The Dynojet optimizes the CV carbs to respond almost as good as mechanical trottle carbs but without the disadvantages of those.
: Of cause the best you can get is an injection system. If you find one that fits the V65's and doesn't cost a fortune, let me know about it.

: Robert.

My engine/carbs are `83s. I can shim the needles
for the midrange.

For a good fuel injections system at what I call
a reasonable price, check out SDS(Simply Digital Systems)
the box is $729 and comes with a hand held programmer.
It does not need a laptop. They have most of the components
to complete a EFI system.