Here's my experience with Sabre
Sun Jan 7 13:36:38 2001

Here's my experience with my 84 V65 Sabre, after looking at hundreds of posts, spending countless hours on the internet looking for performance info on the V65, learning dynojet makes a kit more for the VF1000 than the Sabre VF1100, etc. 

I had to experiment on my own using "plug reads". Looking for a light tan color, which Dave Dodge says that's too rich... anyways I found for the V65 Sabre this: Stock it comes with main jets #128 and #122. Experimentation proved for me that without the overly restrictive airbox, i.e. the plastic part, not the aluminum part, without this on the main jet that works best is #152. Now that coincides with my "el cheapo" alternative to "Hindle", etc. which costs $400, my answer was "cherry bombs" and flexible exhaust coming out the collector. 

This has little to know restriction and isn't very loud. No restriction means leaner and therefore the #152, a full 30 points larger works! This combination makes sense if you do your homework on the Keihin 36mm carbs and look at the "factory pro" and "dynojet" main sizes for other bikes using this carb. 

There are many. Remember, and this is not from a "professional racer", that horsepower results from a fixed fuel/air mixture: Admit more air and allow it to exit faster, you can give it a whole lot more gas. I splurged on the jet kit from factory pro and wasted my money, the adjustable needle they gave me in its richest setting, "clip position" was just equal to my stock needle. 

Unfortunately now that the fastest motorcycle of 1984 just got much faster I'm selling it. The brakes are terrible. The worst part is I never dynoed it. But believe me when the main jet hits, it hits hard and pulls your hands from the handlebars all the way past redline. Wheelies in first and second caused me to look for handlebars that were much closer to the front of the bike.
p.s. I also cut down the springs in the carbs so they only barely pushed on the cylinder. The coolest thing about this bike is that you can raise the jet 30 points and still not be rich.