Posted by Doug on February 02, 19100 at 18:57:01:

For those of you who emailed me, and even if you didn't here
is the current information on the Fork brace that I refered to

In Hondas 1984 VF1000F Intercepter parts manual and on page 47
you will find item 50. Hmmmmm. it sure looks like a V65 fork brace.
also is listed as part nr. 61102-MB6-000 and Honda code nr.
1754712. So armed with the current refreshed nrs. and such stuff
I investigated the online Honda's parts prices and came up with the
todays price of $ 52.55 for the 1984 VF1000F fork brace that will
work on the V65 Sabre.

Ok, add 6 to 8 bucks for chrome nuts, bolts, washers and a
couple of 1/4 in spacers and there you have it!

You will have a fork brace that even a knowing rider would
have to look twice at to tell that it isn't from a V65.

Hope it helps someone! If you are going to ride then ride
safe and check your fork brace and your brain. 8^D