This is an appropriate place to highlight the contribution of Barry Reade, our very own SabMag bonecruncher. Barry was in on the beginning of the conspiracy, and skillfully managed all of the icky details that would have stalled the project dead in the water otherwise. In particular, Barry handled all of the finances, opening a bank account, processing receipts, cutting checks, and balancing the books and closing it down at the end. He also prepared the presentation folder for Jude, which contained these documents and the keys to the bike.

Thanks again, Barry.


Certificate of Achievement

awarded to

Jude G. Federspiel

For unselfish devotion to the group of motorcyclists known as "The SAB/MAG Group. " You set up a list server that has become a standard throughout the internet.

Signed: Mike Haskell, Tony Donisi, Phil Ross Date: 12/14/96


December 14, 1996

Mr. Jude G Federspiel
115 Highland Ave
Somerville, MA 02143-1600

RE: Presentation of appreciation from the SAB/MAG Group

Dear Jude,

This letter is an explanation of what a group of people have done to show their appreciation for someone that has unselfishly given of himself.

Once there was this guy who thought it would be neat to set up a list on the Internet so that folks that had Honda V-4 motorcycles could share ideas and like minded subjects. So, he does it. The list grows and matures to more than 160 members. This is all accomplished with minimal growing pains. This person updates the list server and gives of his time unselfishly and in the process learns much about his beloved motor cycle, a1982 Honda VF750s Sabre. He is also learning about the type of person that owns these motorcycles.

One day this person goes to check on his beloved Sabre and it is gone, stolen to be exact. Now the enjoyment and therapy it had provided for this person's life is gone. He shares this with his cyber friends as they can sympathize; some of them had been in the same, or similar situation.

Now as this tragedy was known throughout the SAB/MAG cyber land an idea was formed from a nucleus of seven guys. They proposed to the Group that since the list was free and that we all had gotten so much from it that maybe we wanted to give back to the guy that started it all. So, we sent a message off line to everyone and got some volunteers to help out and this being the United States of America, the Greatest Country the World has ever known, the land of free enterprise, we asked the group to send what they could and we would try and get another Sabre for our cyber friend who had helped all of us so much.

Jude, thanks for all you have done, and please accept as a token of our appreciation one 1982 VF750S V-45 Sabre.