Cam replacement

Posted by Dave Dodge - DRP on November 28, 1999 at 13:37:31:

: I need help from Ozzie and the other experts on the BBS! After inspecting the cams in my V65 Sabre, I discovered that 3 out of 4 have mild to moderate pitting. Should I replace the one cam that appears to be in good condition also? Should I replace the rocker arms, or can I use the original arms, providing that they are not damaged? Thanks in advance!

The determining factor about replacing all four cams depends on if you replacing with good used cams, buying new or a reground set. The Sabre cam grind is a little hotter than the Magna, so if you are going to replace with used cams you need to make sure all the cams match. If you are buying new, there have been some cam style and hardness updates which will probably be different than what you have in there now. If you opt for a reground set (like my DRP cams), your existing cams would be hardfaced, reground, then nitrided to a matching set. FYI, I offer a Stage 1 cam grind that has .010" more lift and 2 degrees more duration than a stock Sabre.

All rocker arms should be inspected and replaced as needed. Sometimes the pitting will cause tracking or grooves across the rocker arm pad. If this has happened the rocker arm should be replaced. While in there you should also check your cam chain tightness. For info, instructions, parts or whatever you need, please feel free to contact me directly: