Nervous about oil mod's
Posted by Dave Dodge - DRP on November 17, 1999 at 05:49:54:
In Reply to: nervous about oil mod's posted by david fletcher on November 17, 1999 at 03:14:33:

:David Fletcher wrote :  I'll admit all this talk of oil mod's is making me nervous. 
I have a 84 V-65 have had no problems to this point, have approx. 20000 miles. 
I ride every day and have owned it for 5 years. 
Shouldnt this problem have reared its ugly head by now on my bike?
 once again thanks for this awesome web sight and thanks to ozzie and everyone else for your assistance!!!!!!!!!

Dave : 
Other causes for cam wear are valve adjustments that are too tight, and the fact that as the bike gets more miles, the efficiency of the oil pump decreases. This is why sometimes an engine may not have any cam problems for a few thousand miles, then all of the sudden cams start to pit. Extreme wear is usually caused by tight valve clearances, and pitting is caused by lack of overall oil supply. The stock top-end oiling system is low pressure and low volume. Adding the oil mod provides filtered oil at a higher pressure and volume. My oil mods actually provide better bottom-end oil pressure too.