Different Oil Mods
Posted by Dave Dodge - DRP on November 19, 1999 at 17:49:43:

Thanks for all of the oil mod discussions and referals, I am selling many, many, many.
I offer three styles of oil mods, and they are all designed to provide better oil pressure and best fit of any available.

Option 1
The most popular kit
is the filter adapter style which uses a low profile adapter between the case and oil filter. I use two metered s.s. braided aircraft quality hoses to feed the top-ends. The adapter is mounted to the case with a s.s. center bolt that threads into the case and accepts the filter. The center bolt also has an o-ring seal to prevent lower-end pressure drop and eliminate the chance of un-filtered oil from entering the main oil galley. The metered feed lines have angled banjo fittings to clear the coolant pipes on all V-4 models, including the V45 which is particularly tight. The adapter in the same for all models, but the lines are different lengths for V45 and V65.

Option 2 is my drill and tap oil mod. This kit has a feed line that taps into the main galley, then splits into two lines via a special s.s. junction block to feed each head. This is the oil mod I install on engines I build for customers because while the engine is apart it is easy to install. This kit requires some major disassembly including exhaust system and clutch cover to install it. Plus you must drill and tap your cases, making it a little scary for the home mechanic.

Option 3 is the "15-minute" style mod. I have been providing hardware for this style to many and decided to go ahead and package a complete kit. It uses the same adapter as option 1, but has a single feed line that connects to the stock feed line at the transmission. I uses a special double banjo bolt to connect the new filtered feed supply to the stock line. The opening at the end is plugged so dirty oil won't enter the system, and clean oil does not back flow to the trans. This kit is the easiest to install, but still uses the stock steel line which may or may not have clear passage. Plus the bolts that secure it to the heads have a triangular shank that has been known to block the feed hole. I also have turned down bolts in stock.

There they are, every kit you have ever heard about. All kits are designed and tested to do what they are intended to do, come complete with all hardware and instructions. Prices start at $159.00 for the drill and tap style. We don't sell it if it does not work, and I have been doing working with the V-4's since 1982.