Oil Mod info (3)

Posted by Dave Dodge - DRP on February 22, 2000
In Reply to: Re: Expert please! No expert posted by Robert on February 19, 2000

Robert, the Suzuki oiling system is completely different than a V-4. I actually helped design the Suzuki oiling system made by Carolina Cycle and sold by almost every drag engine shop. The Suzuki kit is promarily designed to feed oil to the top-end when big bore cylinders are used with bigger studs. The oil pressure switch manifold on a Suz. is located off the main oil pump feed.
This is not so on the V-4. Tapping into the V-4 pressure switch is not good, it is located at the end of oil galley, and would only feed a small volume of pulsed pressure as the crank rotates. This would also take vital oil away from the main and rod bearings on the clutch side.

Sorry, I got to say it. Every couple months someone comes along and tries to re-invent the wheel. Believe me when I say that if there were other ways that worked, they would be commercially available. I have seen and heard of many do-it-yourself mods that caused damage to new cams and rockers, because the owners do not understand what the oil system does or how it works. I have over 18 years of working with these engines, and the three styles I have indicated are the ONLY ones that work consistently and effectively.

Robert >:
This is fantastic. It seems no matter where I turn that you have been involved somehow. Please don't missunderstand me, I mean this in a positive aspect :-)
: Well, you have convinsed me according the oil mod (I'm a hard man to convince so take it as a good grade). I read your mail that Craig placed here and I guess that did the job (I even saved it aswell as the installing instruction to disk, hope it's ok).
: I will get the mod at the same time when I let you do my heads and cams. I thought of doing it this winter but I found out that I thought of it to late.
: I don't know how long it will last since I now have some serious pitting on almost all cam loobs and even loss of harding on one of the loobs.
: When is the best time of year to leave motor parts to you?

Dave >:
Robert,DRP is a full-time "Honda V-4 Only" engine and machine shop with a full line of performance and OEM engine parts in stock. It started to get busy early this year, but we are still managing to turn engines in 45 days, machine work in 15 days, and parts are shipped daily from stock. We are ready when you are ready.