Cycle 1983,  Honda V65 Magna
By SabMag Scandinavia,, 2005

Gleason turned in a 10.84 second, 124.82 mph shot with the Magna. That's about 0.04 second quicker than he managed on the GPz1100 while coaching Homchick on ten second riding. The total run of Gleason's times on our test unit V65 were as follows: 11.29 @ 120.48; 11.14 @ 124.82; 11.13 @ 124.48; 10.92 @ 124.48; 10.87 @ 125.17; 10.91 © 125.17; 10.86 @ 125.00; 10.90 @ 124.65; 10.95 @ 124.30; 10.91 @ 124.82; 10.84 @ 124.82.

The Honda V65 is easier to ride at the strip than the GPz1100 because the Magna has more mid range punch - note the dyno charts. This means it gets off the line more easily. Furthermore, most street riders will have the impression that the Honda is a lot stronger than the GPz1100 because of the V65's hellacious mid range power. And that's a fact.

The V65 shows more horsepower than the GPz at every rpm level on the dyno charts, and the power is more broadly distributed.
At the very top the V65 produces 105 horsepower at

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the rear wheel, a touch more than the 104 horse GPz. Only at 8500 rpm does the GPz edge above the Monster Magna. At 3500 rpm, for example, the V65 has an additional 10 pounds feet of torque.

At 4000 rpm the V65 has over 10 horsepower and 14 pounds-feet on the GPz 1100. The V65 is, by a mile, the strongest stocker we've bolted to the dyno. Though most riders might find the Honda easier to deal with in the quarter, be as sured that getting a 10 second motorcycle into the tens is tough. If you doubt that, pay a visit to your local drag strip.
Unofficially, the V65 is a 10 second bike. Officially, it's the Horsepower King. You can take those numbers to the bank and deposit them.

When Mr. Pins and Plaster Homchick mends, we want to run our V65 Magna again to get our official figures. At that time, we'd like to gather all the 10 second contenders for a little high drama around the old drag strip Christmas tree.
We can hardly wait.