How to install, download 935 kb Zip-file here:

Aluminum Oil Filter Adapter   (anodized black)
Shown with stainless center bolt installed
Stainless Center Bolt with O-Ring
Hose Separator and Bracket  Billet anodized hose separator with 
polished aluminum bracket 

Two Stainless braided hoses, internally teflon coated.
Pre-bent banjo fittings attached for exact fit.
Metric bolt to block existing oil feed. 
tm crush washers for new hose connection

Straight and 90 fittings for aluminum adapter  Full Color Instructions Included



The original Dave Dodge/DRP bolt-on, adapter style top-end oil mod kit for early Honda V-4 motorcycles.

* Bolt-on kit, no drilling or tapping required. Installs with simple hand tools.

* Feeds filtered oil to the cylinder heads at 3 times the volume and twice the oil pressure vs. the stock system.

* DRP design also increases lower-end oil pressure 3-5 psi.

* Flow metered hoses and fittings provides equal volume and pressure to both heads.

* The adapter ring is made of aluminum and anodized black. The center bolt is stainless steel and will not corrode or oxidize like cad plated mild steel.

* Exclusive o-ring sealed center bolt prevents unfiltered oil from passing into the main galley. This also prevents hose drainage when the engine is not running.

* Top quality Goodridge hoses and fittings. The banjos on the head ends of the hoses are special made (FAT banjo) with recessed oiling grooves on the I.D. and stock thickness to use the stock oil line attachment bolts.

* Kits available in our store for all '82 - '88 Honda V45, V65, Magnas, Sabres, and VF1000 models. (Not used or recommended for the VF500)

This kit fits all '82 - '88 V65 Magnas, Sabres, Interceptors, VF1000Fs and VF1000Rs.

Updated 14.02.2023