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Owners Manuals, Classic Honda (S)
V4-Manuals, English  
Classic Honda ID Guide & VINs

Jamie Daugherty Motorsports 
Maintenance - SabMag USA
Mike Nixon's main site  
Haynes Books | Clymer Books 
Online Part Fiches, Partzilla 
The Tech & Customize page 
Tech data / Service intervals 

The Classic V4 Cam Problem :
The old lubrication problem 
More about the lubrication problem
Mail about the oil pipes

The Oilmod Question : 
Pictures of the oilmod
Is Oilmod necessary ? 
Oil mod - info in details 
Different versions of oilmod 
More about oilmod... 
Other cheaper mods 
How to install, 935 kb ZIP 
Oilmod install, VF1000F2 (Norway)

Camshafts : 
Installing the camshafts (Norway)
Installing the camshafts (with pics.)
More about the camshafts 
Cams - Wear and tear (Swedish)
Camshaft wear ? 
Adjusting valve clearance 

Carbs :
Billy's Outback - Parts 
NRP Carbs and Diaphragms 
Mike Nixon - V4 Carbs 

Tune up :
Tuning (Stage 1) 
More about tuning 
Camshaft profile 
Air filter V65 
A bottle of nitro, please !! 

Misc. : 
Camchain tensioners 
Cam Chain Tensioner Replacement 
Ignition repair
Thermostats  |  Transmission 
V4 start up problems 
Battery out of power ? 
V65 Fork Brace 

 In memory of Jay "PeeWee" Cleason

Link til en del PDF-artikler fra det nedlagte V4-forumet !

Online Workshop Manuals, etc., by Marmite, v4hondabbs : 
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