Travelog East (8-26 Jun '05) - By Brian Ford
Hudson River overlook
Hudson river Cliffs
Dan's BBQ
ANC Gates
Gate Seal
Arlington Nat'l Cem
Jolly Silver Giant
Big Head
Children in Space

June was a hot month in 2005 over much of the right 2/3s of the
country. My route back to Chicago went through temps in the mid 90s. 
I took the back roads through the hills of CT and NY to the Hudson River 
and took a side trip to West Point. I got past the main gate when the
former Marine serving as a gate security guard noticed my service on my
ID card. I cruised the campus looking for places I recognized from old
photographs my Dad had taken while attending in the '30s.  

I had lunch at a familiar spot overlooking the river. But I was warned 
not to take photographs while on base. Thank you, terrorists, 
for that additional deprivation!

I then headed out for the back roads of NW NJ along the Delaware Nat'l
Recreation Area and crossed the Delaware River into eastern PA. I took
the route that led through the Pennsylvania Dutch country in Lancaster
County ("Witness"). As long as I was moving, the breeze would keep me
from overheating. It was a lower humidity heat so it was tolerable.

I made my way down through Hagerstown and Frederick in MD, to Leesburg,
VA, and over towards Ashburn, VA where a good friend from my Marine
days lived. Dan was in his twilight tour with the FAA at Dulles and
preparing to retire.
While in the area, I toured a few sights in DC.

Arlington National Cemetery, The Jolly Silver Giant sinking into "quickbark":
Smithsonian Air & Space Museum at Dulles Airport:
(the Children in Space Program)  ; )


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